Flights Booked

How to get across Africa from Mwanza to Livingstone and back in just under a month is going to be a challenge and one of our first challenges has been how to get to Dar Es Salaam in time to catch a train to Zambia.

We were considering a train from Mwanza to Dar  and then a second from Dar to Kapiri Mposhi in Zambia. The problem from our perspective is the dates of departure. The former leaves on Thursday and arrives on Saturday. The latter leaves on Tuesday and arrives on Thursday. So all in all we would spend a significant proportion of our time before we could leave Dar – let alone get to Zambia (over two weeks from now).

The solution is a flight from Mwanza to Dar, of which there are several on a daily basis. The cost of flights to Dar are not extortionate and we will save almost a week in travel time provided we can catch the train in Dar next Tuesday (you can’t book unless you’re in Dar itself). That will be our next challenge!Zanzibar (1)


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  1. Moritz says:

    Getting around in Africa is quite tough compared to Europe and the US. At least, it seems like you kind of mastered it already. Enjoy your journey!

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  2. stlong says:

    Have a most wonderful time, everyone! 🙂


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