Changing Plans

We’ve not even set off yet, but are plans are going to have to change.

Two problems have arisen today.

1. The TANZARA train from Dar Es Salaam to Kapiri Mposhi is fully booked for next week. This was our way into Zambia. My wife’s malaria in recent weeks delaying our preparations and so we obviously tried to book too late. A solution has been to reverse our route  and to book a return ticket from Kapiri Mposhi later in the month.

So now we are going to Malawi first then Livingstone and Victoria Falls before returning to Dar.

The second problem is more thorny! Kenya has today with no notice decreed that all visitors to the country must apply on line for a visa – there will be no issuing of visas at border crossings. This completely destroys out plan to cross into Kenya via Mombasa. The reason is that these visas take weeks to process and we go away on Tuesday!

This changes our route and forces us to rethink our Kenyan leg. Yet we must drop off our son in Nairobi by early August. The only practical solution seems to be to fly him in from Dar. We would it go and we would arrange for a pick up at the other end. Not ideal, but the one place you can still get a visa directly is the airport.

We are adapting all the time and no doubt there will be further plans to frustrate our journey.


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  1. My recollection of East and West Africa is that the greatest attribute anyone can bring to the party is flexibility. I’m (almost) glad to see that, despite mobile phones, PCs, internet, GPS, satellite TV and so on, it’s as true now as it was thirty years ago.

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    1. Tanzalongs says:

      You have to flexible here and it’s part of the thrill – though we could do without some of it (Kenya Visa for example but Hey Ho!

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