Filling in the Blanks

We have definite fixed points on our journey.

  • The flight to Dar
  • The crossing of Lake Malawi
  • The train back from Kapiri Mposhi to Dar
  • The flight for my son to Nairobi

The other points are flexible and today we have spent some time filling in the gaps.

We are definitely visiting Livingstone in Zambia (home to Victoria Falls). We are definitely visiting Malawi.

How to get from Malawi to Zambia is a flexibility which might involve crossing through Zimbabwe – we’d love to see the Falls from this side too and the dropping of Kenya from the itinerary makes this possible.

We have been looking at possible accommodation and transport links today – lots of early morning starts but a chance to see Africa with potential to visit up to six countries – though probably less.

We’re definitely looking forward to crossing the Lake  by boat and taking the TANZARA train. We’re absolutely looking forward to seeing the Falls.

We have a route which we’ll reveal on the go, mainly because it’s liable to change through choice or circumstance? Perhaps because it’s better to reveal these things gradually. Follow this blog to see our journey.


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