Day 1 – Mwanza to Dar Es Salaam

We are up at 5:30am in order to get the taxi to the Airport. The usual scans and searches at this provincial airport. Small as it is there are still two places where we need to remove shoes and electronic items.

The flight is smooth and we land ahead of time.


Then a wait for our hotel taxi which upon arrival is far too small to accommodate ourselves and our belongings. Added to which the boot will not open. We have exchanged the hot sunshine of Mwanza for the hotter wetter humidity of Dar Es Salaam so stand in the rain while vain attempts are made to get our bags into the car. Eventually we give up and order another larger taxi to get us to our hotel.

The Greenlight Hotel seems reasonable enough, with A/C nice double rooms and even a jacuzzi bath, though no hot water!

The first order of the day is to arrange transport to our next destination, Songea. This town is to be a stop on the way to Lake Nyassa (a.k.a. Lake Malawi).

Our preferred bus Scandanavia Express, isn’t currently operating, so we  book  passage on Super FEO Express. Hoping and praying for safe journey. This leg of the trip is potentially the most problematic.

Whilst in the capital we take the opportunity to indulge in a bit of westernisation as we go to a Shopping Mall. It doesn’t  seem as alien as I think it should do, having lived in Mwanza for 10 months. We take the chance to visit the Cinema (Jurassic World) and a coffee shop.

Then the long slow drive in a taxi through the Dar – traffic – it seems to be a consistent feature of African capitals – too much car for too little road. It remains to be seen whether Lilongwe and Lusaka follow this pattern.

Modes of Transport

  • Taxis (3)
  • Plane

Distance (miles)

  • 531


  • Hotel – Greenlight


  • $120 for two rooms


  • Dar Es a Salaam

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  1. I’m going to enjoy following this journey with you. Say hello to Songea for me; I haven’t been there for more than 30 years. I worked on the Songea-Makambako road project for two years, and had the honour of looking after Maurice, then Anglican Bishop of Songea, when he came to visit.

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