Day 2 – Dar to Songea

Another early start! Up at 4am for a 4:30 taxi to the bus station for a bus departing at 5:30am, except it isn’t departing on time. As ever here, the bus will leave when it’s full. At 6am we are ready to go, as is every other bus in the city so it takes a time escape!

By 7am we’re out of the city and heading inland. We follow in convoy initially bus eventually other coaches peel off and we make our way towards the interior. In common with all coaches here refreshments are provided at junctions and stops by local traders carrying boxes of cashew nuts, soda, apples, biscuits and cakes. Some come on board for a while and ply their trade between stops back and forth they must go all day.

The ground rises ahead and we enters mountainous region as we approach Morogoro.

  After a short stop and a chance to grab some food and a soda we re-board the bus. Just out from Morogoro the road passes through a National Park. we get an impromptu safari as we see giraffe, warthog and impala albeit at a distance. I wonder what my fellow passengers make of this – sadly only a few Africans get to go into safari parks -so this route is unexpected treat.

The landscape is dry and parched with signs of a recent forest fire.

Beyond the park we climb further through steep valleys to a higher plain. Here baobab trees dominate the landscape.

At midday we stop for lunch at a Service Station before moving on. I am impressed by Super FEO coaches, free drinks /cake are provided at our first our stop and free water at our second. The guidebook is scathing about this company and I would say it is an unjust assessment.

After lunch we climb  further, winding up into the mountains, eventually reaching a flat plain.

Then several hours of unspectacular countryside before a mountainous descent  late afternoon. We enjoy some amazing scenery at sunset.

Our 15 hour marathon coach journey ends in Songea  at 9pm. Truth be told Songea isn’t even our destination that place is a 5 hour journey away tomorrow. Tanzania is Big! Africa vast! There are many more miles ‘in the saddle’ to come, but a chance to relax and enjoy starting tomorrow afternoon (we hope!)
Limited connection here so more pics will follow when possible.

Modes of Transport

  • Taxi
  • Coach

Distance (miles)

  • 657


  • Hotel


  • 14000 TzS  (£4.18) for two rooms


  • Songea



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