Day 7- Likoma Island (Mango Drift)

I wake up early, my body clock not yet adjusted, an early coffee as the pale pink of the dawn sky fades into blue.

After a hearty breakfast we book a snorkeling trip out to an outlying island, Masimbwe. Here the fish are more plentiful and show greater variety. We are taken on a small boat and spend about an hour snorkeling. It’s a bit more choppy out there and a little harder to keep the water out of the snorkel.

 Anita loves it particularly and decides to book a diving trip in the afternoon.

 Anita recounts this below

Having experienced snorkeling with a mask that fitted and didn’t let water in, in the morning and saw many amazing coloured fish, I am tempted to have a go at scuba diving. I am able to join a small group of 3 going in the afternoon and after a briefing session, we go along the beach and then each of us on turn has to demonstrate 3 skills 1: to take the regulator (air pipe) out of the mouth and then put it back after clearing the water and breathing normally. 

2: to take the regulator and let go of it, then find it again, clear the water and breathe normally. 

3: let the mask fill up with water and then get rid of the water, whilst underwater. 

The first 2 are fine, but the 3rd is harder than it looked, but after a couple of tries I manage it – I breathe a sigh of relief that I can now actually go scuba diving. Off we all set and almost straight away see many cichlids of all different colours. We progress slowly and go deeper swimming amongst these amazing fish. Then I see a bright blue crab (I didn’t know these live in fresh water) scuttling along the sand. It is amazing. The instructor says we dive down 8m – which is  deeper than I expect

My biggest concern before going down is that I won’t be able to equalise the pressure in my ears, but it turns out to be fine, and I thoroughly enjoy the experience.

Meanwhile we relax before another evening meal and some spectacular night skies.

 I have discovered how to get long shots with a large aperture in my camera so can get some great shots of the night sky including one of Venus and Mars over the darkened lake.

Tomorrow we must leave this place but we have really enjoyed it here. Next stop Monkey Bay.
Mode of Transport

  • Motor boat


  • Likoma Island


  • Banda Dorm -Mango Drift Backpacker Lodge

Cost (not including meals)

  • $8 pppn

4 Comments Add yours

  1. stlong says:

    Bravo, Anita. 🙂 Well done with the snorkelling and the close planetary conjunction!


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