Day 8 – Likoma to Nkhotakota (Ilala Ferry)

Another early start, we are up at 6am and have breakfast before picking up a taxi at 7am to catch the Southbound Ilala Ferry. We’re ultimately heading for Monkey Bay, but the ferry will travel all day and night, arriving there tomorrow. The ferry is due to depart at 6:15am but everyone knows it won’t. We arrive at the port at 7:30am. We book first class deck tickets. This gives us access to the top deck and we will sleep on the deck – nothing new there! We need to change some dollars to Kwacha, which needs a trip into the village.    
Soon after we board a small boat which will ferry us to the MV Ilala. This involves wading knee deep into the bay, backs on back and clambering aboard. A few minutes later we are on board. Then we wait and wait and wait. The boat does not leave until 11:30am. 

 We dump our bags on the top deck and split up so phones can be recharged in the dinning cabin. There we meet fellow travelers, mainly South Africans returning south. After a nice lunch and several card games in different combinations we return up top to watch the sunset – again ;-).  

The lake is vast (though smaller than Victoria) it is long and thin and although we are traveling from half way down the zigzag course will take us a day. 

 Modes of Transport

  • Pick Up Truck
  • Motor boat
  • Ilala Ferry

Distance (miles)

  • 67


  • On Deck


  • Various on Ilala Ferry

Cost (not including meals)

  • 16000 MwK (£22) per person (accommodation/transport)

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