Day 9 – Nkhotakota to Monkey Bay

It a tough night for the back, sleeping on the deck of the Ilala Ferry but we get some sleep and are greeted by an amazing sunrise. 

  The boat has moved continuously over night traveling from Nkhota Kota to Makanjira Chipoka and on to Salima which is up river. Monkey Bay is still ahead. One of the places Anita visited back in the ’90s, close to Cape McClear at the bottom of the lake. 

 We sail on relaxing on deck taking in the the views and sunbathing. 

After three more stops and many hours we dock in Monkey Bay.

We speak to the captain who suggests a possible place to stay and people who can take us there – it so happens to be the  same place that our Nowegian contacts from Likoma suggested, thus we end up at Mustafa Eco Lodge, off which more tomorrow.

We end our day after a nice dinner of Thai Chicken, under the stars round the campfire watching (and taking part)in drumming by local drummers. 

 Mode of Transport

  • Ilala Ferry

Distance (miles)

  • 120


  • Banda


  • Mufasa Eco Lodge – Monkey Bay

Cost (not including meals)

  • $10 per Double Room per night
  • $8 per Twin Room per night

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  1. stlong says:

    Wonderful photos 🙂

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