Day 10 – Monkey Bay

Having arrived yesterday afternoon at Mufasa Eco Lodge we decide to stay two nights giving us a chance to rest and explore the area. 

I wake up early and enjoy another fabulous sunrise. You can see why Malawi’s flag has a riding sun on it when you see the number of fabulous sunrises here. Our accommodation is sited in a small bay and gives a perfect vantage point for the early dawn. 

I realise that I will not see the sun from this point so climb the hill at the back to get a better view. 

From the top you can see the whole at below and the surrounding farms.

   I wish I had not worn sandals though as the climb down is rather steep. I make it back to flat ground with a few scratches earned on the descent. 

Mufasa is a quiet location on the edge of Monkey Bay, there is abundant bird life and their songs accompany the gentle lapping of the water. Like the two other stops on the lake (Mbamba Bay and Likoma Island) there is an unhurried peace to this place.  There are lizards aplenty – skinks I think!


After a late breakfast I don goggles and swim out into the lake – as before Cichlids dominate, though the water is little more murky here than Likoma. 

The afternoon brings a problem. We have not seen  an ATM since we left Dar Es Salaam and have been relying on our dollars since we arrived in Malawi, converting these to Kwacha as needed. Now we have reached our last few dollars which allow us to pay our accommodation. There is an ATM in town but this is broken, so we have cash to get us to the next town but no further. We are assured of working ATM there, but it’s cutting things fine.  Fellow  guests have had similar problems forcing them to take a two hour round trip to the town to get cash. 

If you come to Monkey Bay don’t rely on working ATMs!

To save money we eat in a local restaurant the Blue Ginger before returning to Mufasa for evening drums around the fire.  

Mode of Transport

  • None


  • Banda


  • Mufasa Eco Lodge – Monkey Bay

Cost (not including meals)

  • $10 per Double Room per night
  • $8 per Twin Room per night



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  1. stlong says:

    Breath-taking scenery and sunrises! Simply stunning! 😊👍🌅

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