Day 13 – Zomba to Zomba Plateau

After an early church service at Zomba Baptist Church and a quick lunch we make our way up to Zomba Plateau. This lies at 1500m above sea level overlooking Zomba. We are dropped off by Helen our host near to Kuchawe Inn and make our way down the track past a troop of baboons.

We then walk down to the reservoir, much expanded since Anita was last here…

… then on into the forested hills making our way towards James’ Waterfall.

On our way we pass women carrying large bails of branches on their heads  guys selling fruits, flowers and gemstones. We decide to bu strawberries from one guy – the first I have eaten in months.

 We head along the banks If a small river and then a winding road until we reach James’ Fal. Leaving the falls we make our way back to the hotel.

Kuchawe Inn has an excellent view amongst the trees of the mountain, hills and plains below.




  After a coffee at the top we are picked up and join Paul and Helen, our hosts, fellow guests Martin, his daughter Jo and friend Clare at a local Itslian for a meal. The girls are here for four weeks ministering in different ways to the community. Martin is in a secondment from Staffordshire University and is working here in Zomba at their University.

We all enjoy fellowship together over bowls of assorted pasta dishes. It is a great last evening in Zomba before we head back North tomorrow.


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  1. stlong says:

    Enjoy the strawberry, bro 🙂 Lovely photos 😊

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  2. Beautiful pictures – I am always in awe of the beauty of Africa..That’s why we keep returning.. Enjoy – A Wandering Memory

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Tanzalongs says:

      So different to elsewhere it felt almost like Derbyshire in England until we saw Baboons

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