Day 14 – Zomba to Liwonde to Dedza

We wake up early and bid farewell to fellow guests Joanne and Claire who are heading off to Balaka for a week working with young people.  

 We also say goodbye to Helen, our hostess who is driving them.   

  After breakfast Paul takes us to the minibus station and we cram into the first of many minibuses of the day. We are headed for Liwonde where Anita’s Aunt and Uncle (Ruth and Peter) worked in the ’90s and where two great friends Pastor Saulos and Pastor Ndomondo lived. 

When we arrive in Liwonde we phone Saulos, who directs us to his location. We use bicycle taxis to get us and our luggage there.   

 We arrive at the house of Rev Ndomondo who is now an MP in the Malawian Parliament. Sadly he is not there but we do meet his family and Saulos and his family.   

 Saulos was a houseboy for Anita’s aunt and uncle who was sponsored through bible school by her grandmother and later became a Pastor. Mae meet his wife (Ndomondo’s daughter) and after a meal goat and nsima we go to his house, passing  Ruth and Peter’s old house on route.      
 Eventually it is time to go and we are given a lift to the minibus station by a Papua New Guinean missionary friend of Saulos. 

The next bus takes us via several changes through Balaka and on the border of Mozambique which runs openly sling the roadside – we see s long ditch being dug (no doubt a formal border to be).  


We arrive at Dedza in the dark and make the final 1km road in the growing dark. Having got into the complex we then have to put up the tent. 



  Finally after an hour we are ready to eat and enjoy our first night’s camping.
Poor signal here – so pictures when we get 3G

Modes of Transport: 

  • Car
  • Mini-vans
  • Bicycle Taxi
  • On Foot

Distance (miles)

  • 124


  • Tent


  • Dedza Pottery Lodge

Cost (Not including meals)

  • 1850 MwK (£2.58 ppn)

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