Day 15 – Dedza to Lilongwe

After our first night in the tent we’re up early and after breakfast we explore the pottery. Dedza Pottery is a place Anita visited more than once in her time here. It’s much bigger now and has a lodge attached , where we are camped.

We decide to buy a candle holder, pay our bills and pack up the tent. 

Another cramped Minivan takes us to Lilongwe with a near fight between rival vans.
Usually the refreshments offered by the roadside vendors is quite palable. However, someare definitely wierd. take for example mice on a stick. these are offered regularly. Twenty or so rodents, barbequed whole (fur and all) and squashed onto a long stick. Not for us, but our fellow passengers referred to it as “African Sausage” 

We arrive in Lilongwe at 2pm and wait at a local service station for Sam, who worked with Anita at EI back in the ’90s. 


Sam takes to his house where we relax for a few hours whilst he continues working.  


We go out for a meal with Sam in the evening at a local Korean restaurant – Fantasia. We have a great meal together before returning home for coffee and ice cream. It ‘s a good chance for Anita to catch up over old times.  


Modes of Transport

  • Taxi
  • Mini- Van
  • Car

Distance (miles)

  • 86


  • House


  • Lilongwe

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  1. janemlong23 says:

    I shall never look at the pink sugar mouse in the same way ever again. 😕

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