Day 16 – Lilongwe to Lusaka

We’re up at 4:30am for the bus to Lusaka. My son complains “It would be nice some time if we could catch a bus at a normal time”. I can’t say I disagree with him.

A hurried breakfast and Sam, our host drops us off at the bus station.  

 Like the Dar to Songea bus before, this is going to be a long journey. This time it involves a border crossing into Zambia, our third country on our travels.

The bus travels for about an hour to the border. Immigration into Zambia takes almost twice as long. We get a dual entry visa which will allow us to go over into Botswana and possibly Namibia when down south. Sadly no UNIVISA at this border which means no going over to Zimbabwe (a further $75pp without it). It’s a more complex crossing than Mbamba Bay to Likoma probably due to the remoteness of that border crossing.


 Once in Zambia the Tarmac disappeared. We traveled on mud roads to the left or right of the new road under construction in the middle. It was many hours before we finally reached Lusaka at 8pm. Time once more to raise the tent in the dark.

Modes of Transport

  • Car
  • Coach
  • Taxi

Distance (miles)

  • 446


  • Camping (Kalulu Backpackers)

Cost (not including food)

  • $8 pppn


  • Lusaka

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