Day 17 – Lusaka to Livingstone

Just for once we decide not to go at the crack of dawn. We need to do some things in Lusaka and plan an early morning visit to a local shopping mall – conveniently 5 mins walk away from Kalula Backpackers. 

 The main reasons include fixing some broken glasses and sorting out mobile internet which has not worked since we arrived here.

We get breakfast in a Wimpy ( I can’t remember when I last ate in one in the UK probably the ’70s – MacDonalds and Burger King rule there now – but here we have a nice breakfast.

Returning from the mall we quickly pack the tent and load the taxi and head for the bus station. 

We arrive, unload and book ourselves onto the 11:30am bus to Livingstone. Then a disaster…..We realise we are missing a bag!

We have been really good on our various journeys – keeping an eye on the bags – but this time we have not. Did someone take it? Did we leave it in the taxi? Did we leave it at Kalulu? 

We phone the taxi! No bag!!

I arrange to go back to the Backpackers and we rearrange the bus for 1:30pm

A nervous 10min drive back and then relief!

The bag was back at the hostel. We now have a two hour wait in the bus station. 

We board the bus at 1:30 – a six to seven hour journey ahead. 

The weather remains dry, sunny and warm in the daytime but nights are cool if not cold by African standards so camping requires us to wrap up warm. We are currently carting 10 bags around Africa. Each of us has a large rucksack and a small backpack, in addition there is the tent and a bag containing some well protected Dedza pottery. I suppose it’s 22 if you count the two Kitenge bags the girls carry. Quite a load! 

 Mode of Transport 

  • Taxi
  • On Foot
  • Coach

Distance (miles)

  • 296


  • Camping – Jollyboys Backpackers


  • Livingstone

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  1. grandmahetha says:

    What a relief to find your bag! It must be quite a feat keeping track of all your bags! Not surprising that 1 got away!

    Liked by 1 person

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