Day 18- Livingstone to Victoria Falls 

Just for once we are not jumping onto a coach, so after a leisurely breakfast we board a minivan provided by Jollyboys, which takes the 10 Km  to Victoria Falls. This is one of the seven natural wonders of the world. Jollyboys provide a minivan to take us the 10km to this World Heritage Site. When we get there we pay and entrance fee ($20 per adult and $10 per child) and walk past the various curio shops to the entry gate. We head straight for knife-edge bridge which has close up views of the Zambian section of the falls.

We see a couple of great rainbows in the mist produced by the falls.

After a drink we then walk down to the Boiling Pot, the place where the waters from the falls churn due to the reactance of the underlying rocks. On the way the and back we encounter a troop of baboons who seem oblivious to our presence, we do see flocks of red winged starlings in lush vegetation. The view at the bottom is impressive.

There are several trails in the park and we next head along a ridge to see more of the falls, albeit from afar. In contrast to the lush vegetation of the valley the plants here are dry and parched.

The final path takes us up stream to the river above the falls, we pass the statue of David Livingstone. The water is so calm above the falls – even as it rushes to the edge- I take the opportunity to paddle in the waters of the Zambezi above the falls.

We leave the park and move on to the Victoria Bridge. This bridge connects Zambia to Zimbabwe and is a place from which thrill-seekers bungee. We can get a guest pass to allow us onto the bridge and we walk across. We get some more views of the falls including the Zimbabwe side. We actually cross the border into Zimbabwe at the mid-point. So I can say that I have been into that country.

As far as bungee we didn’t partake but we might do a tandem zip wire on Sunday!

We extend our stay here an book onto a Safari in Chobe Game Reserve tomorrow. This will take us into Botswana another new country to add. We will see Namibia but probably not visit, but Zimbabwe was a bonus if only by 10m or so!

Modes of Transport

  • Mini-van
  • On Foot
  • Taxi

Distance (miles)

  • 16


  • Camping (Jollyboys Backpackers)


  • $9 per person per night


  • Livingstone

7 Comments Add yours

  1. grandmahetha says:

    What an awesome sight those falls are! Quite breathtaking aren’t they! Such power in all that crashing water and just the scale of it all! But how calm and tranquil are the waters of the river before they suddenly fall from such a great height! We had a boat trip there just after seeing the falls. It felt quite surreal and just a bit scary when I stopped to think where we were!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Tanzalongs says:

      Thinking of you guys as we passed by some Namibian holiday homes on stilts with open walls today – see blog later when posted for a pic.


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