Day 25 – Dar Es Salaam to Kipepeo Beach

We get off the train at 12:45am after 57 hours (see last post). We’re tired and a little disgruntled. Having anticipated a delay, we have not booked any accommodation tonight – we considered the train might be a day late but 12 hours late is a bit of a nightmare scenario.

We are approached by a taxi driver – he offers to take us to Kipepeo Beach. This resort was always going to be our destination though a midday arrival was our desire.

It’s late now and the driver hunts for petrol, they only seem to fill up enough to travel short distances and this is a longer route. 

After filling up we go to a ferry to make the short crossing of the estuary and then a 4km drive to the resort.  

 When we arrive it’s almost 2am.  

 We are hoping we can grab a beach bungalow but sadly they are all booked out. So yet again we put the tent up in the dark – we have yet to do this in daylight but we’re getting expert now.

It’s 3am and we turn in for the night lulled by the crashing surf.

It’s 8am, only 5 hours sleep but it’s too hot to remain in the tent any longer. The sun peeking in through the clouds. It’s definitely a lot warmer here – no need for sleeping bags last night. 

Kipepeo means Butterfly in Kiswahilli. On the site are two World Challenge groups, one from Bury School for Girls coming to the end of their visit; their R&R phase. It brings back memories of my trip to Vietnam/Cambodia in 2013.

Today we have nothing planned other than a dip in the ocean, a book or two to read. Nowhere to go and nothing to do -bliss!

Possibly not the most interesting of blog posts but we need this.   




We spend much of the day in the warm Indian Ocean. The afternoon grows hot as the skies clear and we’d a little shopping in the small Dukas near to our accommodation. We return via the beach and paddle in the surf.

Then one more swim before an evening meal near to the shoreline.

Sadly we leave here tomorrow. We have a fixed date in Moshi, where our son will leave us for Kenya on Sunday, whilst we start the journey home…… Eventually!
Mode of Transport

  • Taxi
  • Car Ferry


  • 8


  • Camping (Kipepeo Beach)


  • Dar Es Salaam


  • $9.50 per person per night

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  1. stlong says:

    Enjoy some R&R! 😊👍💤

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