Day 27 – Moshi

Moshi is the closest town to Mount Kilamanjaro the tallest mountain in Africa. Sadly you can’t see it most of the time.

We are here in Moshi as an extension to our holiday plans. We also need to drop our son at the airport where he will take a flight to Nairobi,Kenya where he will spend three weeks with a theatre company, part of work experience.

We start the day lateish and after breakfast, we walk from our current accommodation to tonight’s place. It’s a 1km walk but with heavy bags and a tent it’s a chore.

We arrive at Tuma Tembo and are greeted by a fellow guest, the landlady is out but we drop our bags and have a cuppa. The guest has an interesting story to tell. He has just climbed Kilimanjaro with a bath strapped to his bag – it weighed 45kg! It is the second of four challenges in aid of a medical centre in Peru. The first challenge involved sailing down the Amazon in the self-same bath. This was stolen and has taken 5 years to retrieve! The bath was however discovered in Peru and refurbished for this latest challenge. The next two challenges involve walking round a Bolivian salt flat and strapping the bike to a motorised microlight and flying from a volcano. Quite a story!

We then walk into town and find the Union Café. Here we have lunch and coffee. We also book onto a coffee tour tomorrow. 



Then to the airport where son needs to catch a flight. This is a 40 min taxi ride away (costing 50000TzS). 

We get there to find that we are not allowed to accompany our son into the Departures Lounge, event the area for checking in baggage – we have to say goodbye at the entrance. We watch from outside as he goes through the process. Needless to say Mum is a little perturbed. We find out from other waiting relatives that is is all the fault of the EU who insisted on this measure.  


We see him through and then look for a taxi back. We are shocked that the price for the return journey is $50 (110000TzS). Luckily there is an American tourist who wants to go to Moshi too – she is keen to share a taxi and do we go halves. It turns out she has been doing a study project in Rwanda and is now having some R&R in Moshi and Zanzibar. We share pleasant conversation on our way to town. 

One of the joys of travel is meeting lots of people from all parts of the world – invariably friendly and chatty we have met folk from the U.S., Canada, South Africa, Ireland, Norway, Netherlands, Denmark, France, Belgium, Australia, New Zealand, Germany, Croatia, Slovenia, India as well as the UK and all the Tanzanians, Malawians, Zambians, Zimbabweans and Botswanans we have met on our travels.

We arrive back in town and get some dinner then a piki piki back to our B&B. This proves a challenge as our drivers don’t know where to go and our phones (maps) have lost connectivity . It’s dark now and we’re lost – we realize wemist have gone too far and stop to ask for help. Eventually we get a slight connection and a phone call to our B&B gives us a firm target. We arrive safe and sound. There’s been a power cut – part of load sharing here in Moshi (as in Livingstone) hence we missed the turn off earlier.

An eventful day culminates in a message telling us our son had arrived in Nairobi but no one was there to meet him. A quick succession of messages to his teacher (in Nairobi) and our son puts them together and he is able to transport him to his lodgings for tree next three weeks as arranged.

No sight of Kilamanjaro yet – it’s been too cloudy – maybe tomorrow. 


Modes of Transport 

  • On foot
  • Taxi(3)
  • Piki Piki

Distance(miles) to KIA (airport) return

  • 53


  • Three bed cottage – Tembo Tamu

Cost (including breakfast)

  • $75 


  • Moshi

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