Day 29 – Moshi to Mwanza

The one thing I am not going to miss about this holiday will be the early starts. The alarm goes off at 4:15am and we are up and ready for breakfast at 5am with our hosts.

Tembo Tamu has been a real home from home and I would recommend it to anyone coming to this region.  

Sadly in three days we have yet to see Kilimanjaro and there’s no change as we depart on the 6am coach to Mwanza.

As we travel there is a dramatic change beyond Arusha from lush and verdant and mountainous to dry and arid and flat. 

Our coach is making good progress until just before midday when everything slows. We are literally in a slow coach! This persists for two hours whilst every vehicle passes by. 

Then we stop and have to get out. There has been a mechanical failure. Over the next 90mins we sit and wait in the baking hot sun. , As we seek what little shade there is, the only relief from the heat is the dry wind which whistles through the wires. Not much but it helps. 

We keep ourselves amused by playing “Just a Minute” but time drags. 


   Eventually I get up and explore. Near to the road is a dried up river bed with steep sides I decide to take a look.    

Of course this coincides with the completed repairs. I make a hasty dash for the coach.
Progress remains slow and the afternoon drags into a slow Tuesday night. In the end it has taken us 16 hours to get to Mwanza. I write this at most midnight from a sofa in my lounge. We’re home!

Modes of Transport

  • Car
  • Coach
  • Taxi


  • 511


  • Home

There’s one last blog post tomorrow to tie things up. Thanks for following our journey over the 4 weeks. Do consider looking at our regular blog Tanzalongs for a slice of ordinary life in Africa.


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